Canadian Military Heritage Films & Videos

Canadian Troops Advancing Against the Hindenburg Line, 1918

Documentary Films, Videos and Series

Aces: A Story of the First Air War
The Battle of the Somme
Cromwell Productions
The Battle of Vimy Rigde
Part of the National Film Board of Canada WWI Series, this 1997 production stands alone as one of the best war documentaries ever made
Canada Remembers
National Film Board of Canada WWII Series
The Danger Tree
One Family's Story During the War, 1997
In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944
Far from Home: Canada and the Great War
National Film Board of Canada Series
If Ye Break Faith...
By The War Amps (of Canada)
John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields
National Film Board of Canada
Peacekeeper At War. A Personal View Of The Gulf War
National Film Board of Canada, 1994
Vimy: The Birth of a Nation
By Vimy Productions Inc.
War at Sea
National Film Board of Canada WWII Series
And We Knew How to Dance: Women in World War I
National Film Board of Canada

Canadian Soldier Monument
Niagra Falls, Ontario

Dramatizations & Featured Films

Note: Some of these selections do not focus on the Canadian experience, but have been chosen because they capture the scope and character of events to which Canadians and Canadian forces contributed.

Battle of Britain
1969 big budget extravaganza
The Cruel Sea
1953 classic captures the human side of the Battle of the Atlantic
1993 TV dramatization
The Devil's Brigade
1968, Good fun as Canadians and Yanks join forces
Forty-Ninth Parallel
1941 Prisoner of war epic set in Canada
Immortal Sergeant
1943 Film focuses on Canadian enlisted man
The Longest Day
Frequently criticized, this 1962 film captures the scope and complexity of D-Day
Oh! What a Lovely War
Certain episodes of this 1969 epic capture the trench warfare experience
One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
1942 Classic focusing on Bomber Command


Films of the Great War

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