Field Marshal Julian Byng
Baron Byng of Vimy

Few British Officer's returned from the Gallipoli debacle with enhanced reputations. One of these was Boer War veteran and career cavalryman Julian Byng. Arriving after things had stagnated, Byng was an early advocate of pulling out of the peninsula. He was assigned the job of planning the evacuation of Allied troops and that turned out to be the singular success of the Dardanelles Campaign.

After reassignment to the Western Front, he was appointed to the command of the Canadian Corps. The match worked perfectly and led to the success at Vimy Ridge where Byng's precise plan was executed perfectly by his Canadian troops. This success led to another promotion -- the command of the British Third Army. Byng's new forces executed the largest tank attack in history at Cambrai in November 1917 and contributed mightily to the breeching of the Hindenburg Line. After the war, Byng was raised to the peerage as Baron Byng of Vimy and later served as Governor General of Canada.

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